What being a Temenosian means

What being a Temenosian means: Bruno’s story

Through this series, we get to know what being a Temenosian means to some of our people:

“Temenos is a big company where you can show your capacity and skills, and also connect with people who share a desire to be innovative.”

Bruno’s Story

Bruno joined Temenos just over a year ago, and works as a Project Manager in Services on the Nationale-Nederlanden Bank project.

Starting out, Bruno brought with him a wealth of knowledge accrued from years of working with information systems and technology across national defense, cybersecurity and latterly fintech. He was working for an SME before joining Temenos and was drawn to the size of the business and breadth of opportunities for him here. 

“It’s attractive to be in a company where you can not only bring your existing knowledge, but also develop this, progress in your career and meet people from around the world.”

Bruno is based in Amsterdam, is a self-proclaimed extrovert and a people person. With a background in and passion for teaching and natural aptitude for communication and languages, he is driven by the opportunities to bring his personal passions into his work life.

Speaking candidly about working at Temenos, Bruno relates that:

“When I started here, I shared my knowledge of Microsoft tooling with those around me and this helped us improve automation and reporting, and move toward a more integrated, collaborative way of working. I’d like to develop this and encourage even more knowledge sharing between colleagues and across the business.”

Sometimes the biggest challenge is just to try and keep up with a business that is constantly evolving, while staying on top of your everyday tasks.”

But for him, the solution to this challenge has always been collaboration.

In his role as a Project Manager, encouraging collaboration plays a huge role in the smooth workings and success of his team, as well as our overall ability to deliver to our clients. But he also believes that this spirit of collaboration is truly at the heart of our culture.

“Someone told me when I joined that I could easily reach someone in senior management, or someone on the other side of the world. Even though we’re a big company, it’s hard to find the bureaucratic borders here, because we all need to collaborate with each other to do our jobs.”

While Bruno still feels he is only at the beginning of his journey at Temenos, his advice to anyone starting out is to connect.

“And, that’s definitely my best advice. Reach out. Connect to everyone. Talk. That will bring you not only the knowledge you need, but an advantage when you are facing challenges in your day-to-day.”