What being a Temenosian means

What being a Temenosian means: Beat’s story

Through this series, we get to know what being a Temenosian means to some of our people:

I see an absolute commitment from people at Temenos to achieve the goal of the company.”

Beat’s story

Since joining the BSG team in April 2022, Beat has relished the opportunity to combine his passion for creating brilliant customer experiences with Temenos’ ambition to excel in digital banking. His commitment is palpable and strengthened by his humility.

“When people believe in you, you have always to show them that you are worthy. With trust comes responsibility.”

Beat has evidently risen to the challenges that have come his way at Temenos so far. Within a matter of weeks of joining the company, he worked on a demo to explain a recently launched mortgage origination solution. He also successfully completed a bid for a new internet and mobile banking opportunity. And what’s more, he did this in French, his second language.

His pursuit of excellence is evident from his time in the Swiss Army, where he became First Lieutenant. And in his passion for learning, which he is currently applying to his master’s degree in Business Information Systems and to Temenos.

“In just six months at Temenos, I’ve already doubled my experience at a technical and personal level. Temenos provides giant opportunities to grow, each day is a learning day.”

He credits much of this learning to the people around him. He says he is surrounded by people who are constantly looking at ways to improve and do things differently.  

“We’re striving for more at Temenos. You could call it striving for perfection but in a positive way. We’re all committed to being the best version of ourselves because we’re building the future of banking. And so there’s a real opportunity to have an impact.”

There’s a natural symbiosis between Beat and Temenos. He is keen to learn and develop his career and Temenos needs bright and energetic minds to move it forward.

Having started his career as a coder, Beat quickly realized that he wanted to apply his problem-solving skills to the client side and became a business analyst at a Swiss software firm. During his time there, he built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor and is keen to bring the same approach to his work at Temenos.

“There’s no greater feedback than to be acknowledged as a trusted advisor.

He’s also keen to leverage Temenos’ international presence. In fact, it was the opportunity to work internationally that convinced Beat that Temenos was the right company for him.

“The recruiter asked me, ‘Are you motivated to travel more, see more and work in an international, open, diverse environment?’ And honestly, she got me right there!”

While not actively looking for a new role at the time, Beat instinctively saw that Temenos would be a great fit for him both personally and professionally. As a keen traveler, Beat loves the fact that his work trips can combine with his personal passion for running tourism (where you can explore cities on foot and fast!). He also loves that this enables him to work from anywhere and interact with people from different cultures.

“My work is really colorful. You see how different cultures affect the strategy of different banks. And that makes my role super, super interesting.”

Beat says that his open-mindedness and interest in people come from his Swiss upbringing, where he says no subject is taboo and no opinion ignored. And he says the same is true at Temenos, where ideas are invited from anyone at any level in the company, and feedback is freely given.

When asked what advice he would give to anyone starting out at Temenos, Beat says that being open to learning is the key to success.

“You can get up and run fast – which is essential by the way – when you’re open to learning from the people around you.”