Temenos for Savings and Retirement  

A single, global platform to help the world’s leading savings and retirement providers enter new markets, launch new services and win new business. 

The leading platform for savings and retirement 

A complete solution to thrive in the digital age and attract new customers. With Temenos Multifonds, you can rely on a flexible, innovation solution to deliver new levels of operational efficiency, increased transparency and reduced risk. 

Portfolio diversification  

Diversify, scale and simplify with a single, global platform, to administer traditional and alternative assets across 30+ jurisdictions to meet the needs of your customers, now and in to the future. 

Faster time-to-market 

market, by leveraging over 25+ years’ experience. We focus on providing global software with localized capabilities, to institutions of any size, anywhere in the world. 

Increased transparency 

Meet the competing needs of diverse stakeholders with a single source of truth for products and investments, across multiple tiers, coupled with flexible, real-time reporting.  

A single, global platform to consolidate fragmented, legacy systems, increase control and oversight, and reduce operational risk. Temenos Multifonds, our Explainable AI (XAI) enabled solution, supports over $10 trillion in assets and more than 30,000 funds globally, partnering with 9 of the top 15 global fund administrators, as well as life insurers, and traditional and alternative asset managers. The Temenos Multifonds platform delivers the functionality, scalability and flexibility to address the demands of investors and the asset management industry today and tomorrow. 

Intuitive, modern user experience 

Configurable and highly automated workflow 

Direct access to accounting data  

Fully Integrated IBOR and ABOR 

Intelligent reporting 

Wide asset coverage and multi-jurisdiction 

Measurable success 

9 of top 15

global fund administrators supported

$ 10tn

assets supported


+ funds


+ countries

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about our solution for Savings and Retirement.

The move to Temenos Multifonds frees us from legacy constraints to accelerate our digital transformation and increase operational efficiency.”   

Daniel Shaughnessy  
Operations and Process Improvement Director, Canada Life UK 

We chose to implement Temenos Multifonds as it is a proven, best-in-class, cloud-ready system with the flexibility to meet current and future needs across our asset management and pensions businesses.” 

Miloslav Mlynar 
Member of the Board of Directors, Tatra Asset Management and DDS TB 

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