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Temenos Multifonds Navigator

Reimagine your oversight and contingency solution with Navigator – an innovative, independent and automated alternative to maintaining a full shadow set of book of records.

Market overview

Product overview

Temenos Multifonds Navigator is a net asset value (NAV) shadow, oversight and contingency solution designed for asset managers, insurance firms and pension funds to deliver an automated, low-touch and timely user experience.

Providing users with a solution which is:

  • Independent of your primary fund administrator
  • Available remotely through the web, with an intuitive, modern user interface
  • Easy/highly automated to start and run on a daily basis
  • User-definable controls for ongoing refinement of oversight procedures

Temenos Multifonds

Navigator is powered by a robust, exception-driven accounting engine, Multifonds – a mature fund accounting and investor servicing platform used by 9 of the top 15 global fund administrators.

Automated independence

Allows you to run your own NAV calculations independent of your fund administrator, and in an automated manner.

Daily NAV calculations

Take advantage of comprehensive daily NAV controls, as well as automated reconciliation for comparison to the official, fund administrator NAV.

Easy integration

Hosted by Temenos and easily integrated with global and local market data providers, such as Bloomberg, through sophisticated API-first architecture.

Protected from unexpected outages

Ensures contingent NAV capability in the event of unexpected fund administrator outages/downtime.

SaaS solution with remote access

Log in through your web browser to access the complete solution for shadow NAV, oversight and NAV contingency, with an intuitive, modern user interface.

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