Architecture Principles

Creating a more agile, flexible environment to support the dynamic needs of digital payments.

Agile, Open, Robust ARCHITECTURE

Temenos Payments Hub flexibility and functionality creates a compelling competitive advantage in the digital payments age. These themes and architectural aspects provide a compelling proposition for any financial institution seeking to elevate and energize their payments processing and customer servicing capabilities.

Key Solution Themes:

Universal – one solution capable of managing the diversity of high and low value, domestic and cross border, bulk and singles, batch and real-time.

Agility – the ability to extend, enhance, and configure for accelerated support of new markets, specific customer services, and innovative digital payments products.

Control – automated monitoring defined through bank’s own business rules, with real-time notification and built-in exception management.

Key Aspects of the System’s Architecture:

Open API Access – ability to access and enhance the base services through published APIs.

Pre-built Components – providing configurable building blocks to support diverse processing scenarios.

Commodity Services – Temenos responsible for providing reusable, easily consumable market standard services

Flexible Frameworks – along with developer tooling and training for integration, clearing, API setup, etc.

Added Value Services – ability to access an ecosystem of added value services running on the same technology platform and receiving continuous investment and expansion of choices