Cecilia Hultén

Independent and non-executive Director

Swedish, born 1968

Cecilia Hultén, based in Copenhagen, is a strategic leader with more than two decades of experience in the financial industry. She has led large international sales teams for institutions including UBS and Nordea and brings a strong financial skill set with an in-depth understanding of funding, risk management and capital markets. Inspired by an extended stay in Silicon Valley, Cecilia became an entrepreneur, investor and board member, leveraging technology and behavioral design to meet real needs focusing on fintech and working with companies including Kompas Bank, a digital cloud-based lending bank for SMEs. She has co-founded two other companies, a biotech company and a data management company commercializing a project out of MIT’s Fintech program. She is also an Executive Coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Corporate Innovation.

Cecilia holds a BSc at Gothenburg School of Economics and studied at the MBA program at Stern School of Business, NYU.