Movember 2022:
Grow Big or Grow Home!

Hear “Why” some of our Temenosians are raising awareness for Movember.

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All throughout November, men around the world were challenged to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues by growing a mustache (allies participated too!). Known as Movember, proceeds from the challenge, supported the fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide, and more.

Hear My ‘Why’: Henrry’s Story

All the way from our Quito office in Ecuador, hear from Senior Business Consultant Henrry Ojeda, on his very personal and touching reasons, that he chose to participate in Movember this year.

Hear More Stories

My ‘Why’: Kris’ Story

Kris Colin Correya | Senior Specialist SSC Finance Manager, Chennai, India

“We are in this together. Now and for all the years and moustaches to come!!!!”

My ‘Why’: Morne’s Story

Morne De Vos | Customer Success Manager, Johannesburg S. Africa

“It was a revelation when I had a look at the Movember website and saw the statistics about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide in men. I realized the importance of spreading awareness about men’s health issues. I encourage others to visit the Movember website and get involved.”

My ‘Why’: Sofia’s Story

Sofia Van Bos | Marketing professional, Luxembourg

“A very good friend of mine is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed several years ago and it was a shock to all of us. He was the type of person you look at and don’t think he can be sick—healthy, sporty, active. He never had any symptoms and it was just a lucky coincidence that he was diagnosed early. He is now cancer free and a strong advocate for regular health check-ups. As he says, ‘while some of the procedures might not sound very attractive, they might very well save your life.”

My ‘Why’: George’s Story

George Igoumenakis |Global Lead of Learning & Development, Athens, Greece

“My motivation comes from my personal motto, “empowering people to excel.” How can we excel in business and in life if we are not putting our health as our top priority? We can do it.”

My ‘Why’: Saujatya’s Story

Saujatya Guin | Business Development Manager,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is my second Movember and my first one with Temenos. I am a “Mo Bro” and thus growing a “Mo”…Plus, I am trying to take part in more self-care activities in November such as upping my physical activity, doing more of “shinrin-yoku” (my way of being with the environment), physically reuniting with at least one long-lost old friend, and celebrating my “Mo-hood” overall.


Competing for the honor of Mr. (or Ms.) Movember 2022 at Temenos, dozens of Temenosians got growing at the start of November. Here are some of the standout Movember entries, that were thoughtful, goofy, and everything in between.

To learn more about Movember or to get involved in life-saving programs supporting men’s health, click here.

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