REAG INVESTIMENTOS selects Temenos Platform to Modernize Fund Administration

With an expectation of 30% of efficiency gains, the financial group is investing in technology used by global leaders

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GENEVA, Switzerland – OCTOBER 27, 2022 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN) today announced that REAG Investimentos, the second-largest independent fund administrator in the Brazilian market, has selected Temenos Multifonds to replace its existing investment operations infrastructure.  

With 350+ funds under administration, and managing $76billion BRL.[1], the financial group offers a suite of solutions and services aimed at investors, high-net-worth families, as well as businesses looking to buy, sell, or go public. The company has differentiated itself with its client-centric model, tailoring solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

REAG selected Temenos Multifonds to cover the complete fund administration cycle, including accounting, regulatory reports, IR and IOF tax reporting and investor services. REAG has a variety of investment funds, including traditional funds of CVM 555 type (FIMs), Private Equity (FIPs), Real Estate (FII) and Credit Rights (FIDCs). With Temenos Multifonds fully deployed on a highly scalable and cost-effective SaaS model, REAG will be able to replace legacy systems, streamline operations, follows an important international trend and joins the ranks of the global leaders of the financial market.

Temenos provides a more robust and accessible database, the ability to integrate third-party products and platforms through APIs, and an Explainable AI (XAI) enabled integrated workflow that ensures quality and standardization while providing comprehensive audit trails for day-to-day operations. The open infrastructure and localized capabilities will deliver security and reliability to REAG, as well as the opportunity to offer new services across multiple jurisdictions in the close future.

Access to real-time operational information, improved analysis of fund processing and improved data quality will simplify and streamline REAG’s existing investment operations processes. REAG will be able to achieve 30% gains in efficiency, as well as a comprehensive view of the business with greater control and transparency of information. This greater efficiency will allow REAG to scale its operations without also needing to increase the number of dedicated resources. The localized capabilities, increased efficiency and openness combined will allow REAG to grow their assets under management at cost.

João Carlos Mansur, CEO, REAG said:

“People and relationships are core to our business. A key reason for choosing Temenos Multifonds was the ability to deliver services more efficiently so that we could improve the experiences of our clients and employees.  Temenos Multifonds will undoubtedly allow us to expand to international customers in the future. Temenos Multifonds is used by 9 of the world’s top 15 fund managers, meaning we now have access to the same expertise and technology as these global leaders. We’re excited to partner with Temenos on the next phase of our growth journey.”

Oded Weiss, Managing Director – Temenos Multifonds, said:

“We started our investments to localize Temenos Multifonds for Brazil a few years ago. We added functionality to support the local funds according to the CMV 555 regulation and the valuation methods for local financial instruments such as Brazilian fixed income. In addition, we adopted a complete set of regulatory reports for CVM, ANBIMA and Bacen, and incorporated full coverage of local IR and IOF taxes. With all these investments, we are delivering to REAG a market-ready solution for Brazil. In Brazil, Temenos Multifonds is the only platform designed to manage complex fund structures with various share class levels, including share class hedging, which perfectly positions us for the coming regulatory changes expected to be applied to the CVM 555 in the coming months.By adopting Temenos Multifonds, REAG will decrease the burden on its staff while increasing its reach to benefit more families, businesses and investors. We’re delighted that REAG has selected Temenos Multifonds to transform its business, accelerate growth and offer the best solutions to its clients.”

[1] Fundos de Investimento – ANBIMA

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