Giving Students the Technology to Learn Effectively: Our Support of the Computer Lab Project in St. Lucia

Maria Pulice
Maria Pulice – Americas Client Communications Manager – Customer Success, Temenos

Technology has become a staple of our everyday lives; from doing homework, joining a Zoom call, or relaxing with some Netflix, it is hard for many of us to imagine life without a computer and wifi.

Yet, for many people around the world, this is the reality. This lack of connection to the digital world poses particular challenges to children and their education. Students without access to the internet may find it difficult to submit assignments on time, learn material effectively, and master basic computer skills.

As part of Temenos’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the Anse La Raye RC Infant school to help support their Computer Lab Project, an initiative to upgrade a computer lab for students in the community.

Anse La Raye is a fishing village located on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean and is home to a community of 3,000 people. Unfortunately, many people in the community live under the poverty line, making it difficult for families to provide for their children beyond the bare necessities.

An already challenging situation was made more difficult when termites damaged much of the existing Computer Lab, leaving students and teachers with limited access to the internet on outdated hardware. By donating new laptops to the Computer Lab project, we, at Temenos, had the opportunity to provide equitable access to technology for all students, increase the opportunity for online learning, and help students develop their critical thinking skills.

As mentioned, our involvement with the Anse La Raye RC Infant school is just one of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives – work that is directed at supporting and enhancing the quality of life of the communities not just where we operate, but where our partners and clients live too. It’s a part of our business that we’re very proud of, because it is driven by our employees. Fellow Temenosians around the globe identify issues and local community needs, which are then adopted as CSR projects where we can work together to make a difference.

Whether in the Caribbean, India, or elsewhere in the world, our work in giving back to our community is only beginning. By using our technology and resources, offering financial support and sharing our expertise, we are making a positive change in people’s lives, maximizing their opportunities and helping communities thrive. We are proud of what we’re achieving and proud of all the volunteers who are helping. Being able to highlight projects like this reminds me of why I’m proud to be a Temenosian!

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Maria Pulice
Maria Pulice – Americas Client Communications Manager - Customer Success, Temenos