Temenos Launches Real-Time SaaS Data Platform for Core Banking

Temenos Transact Data Hub offers unmatched capability to power faster and more contextual experiences for customers and rapid innovation with AI-driven digital banking applications

Embedded data platform provides complete, real-time access to Temenos Transact data, available as SaaS or deployed natively on any cloud in less than 30 days

Delivers 175 highly performant banking APIs, accelerating innovation, speed to value, and greatly reducing data integration costs

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GENEVA, Switzerland – OCTOBER 22, 2020 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking software company, today announced the launch of Temenos Transact Data Hub, a real-time data platform that is integrated and embedded within Temenos Transact, the market leading core banking solution. Temenos Transact Data Hub delivers multiple essential data capabilities that are critical to modern banks leveraging the power of the data held within the core banking platform. Out-of-the box, real-time data streaming, highly performant data engineering, purpose built data stores, and over 175 banking APIs, providing banks with the highest quality data to power faster and more contextual customer experiences, accurate reporting and analytics, faster integration with internal data systems, and rapid innovation with AI-driven digital banking applications.

The data held within a core banking platform is the most important and valuable data within a bank. This data is the main source of customer, product, and transactional data, which is the lifeblood of modern digital banking and drives everything from hyper-personalized customer engagement to effective risk management. By providing real-time access to core banking data, banks can achieve better reporting and analytics, faster compliance processes, including transparency related to BCBS 239 and other data regulations, and customer personalization with the provision of relevant, contextual, timely offers. This helps banks to deliver experiences that delight their customers and drive loyalty.

Banks need access to all data within the core banking system in real-time, and in a compliant manner. Real-time data is essential for the modern digital bank as it allows them to react instantly to customer needs and risk events. Banks traditionally struggle with the extraction, cleansing, blending, and optimization of core banking data and many banks are attempting to build internal data solutions to solve these issues with high costs and high failure rates. With Temenos Transact Data Hub, banks now have an embedded data platform within Temenos Transact that provides them performant access to high quality data.

Banks also recognize the value of their data as they seek to personalize customer engagement, improve fraud detection, and mitigate risk. Temenos Transact Data Hub enables banks to easily meet strategic goals for data availability, data quality, and data governance. For instance, using Temenos Transact Data Hub, a bank can stream and transform real-time transactional data into a highly performant, cloud based data stores. This optimized data can be the foundation for digital banking APIs, which enable a many digital banking applications – from budget and money planners to context–aware notifications and predictive banking with Netflix style recommendations. Temenos Transact Data Hub is the foundation for a number of Temenos’ recently released AI driven digital banking applications focused on product personalization and customer attrition.

Temenos Transact Data Hub supports deployment on major cloud platforms and leverages many popular database platforms including Azure SQL, SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, NuoDB, and others. Temenos Transact Data Hub is also available via SaaS from the Temenos cloud. Temenos Transact Data Hub can be deployed remotely in as little as 30 days.

Todd Winship, Product Director, Temenos, said:

“Temenos Transact Data Hub provides the best embedded data platform in the industry. By combining Temenos’ 25 years of innovation, building world-class packaged banking software with the latest advancements in big data and analytics; we provide banks the foundational technologies to help them realize the power of data, analytics, and AI to transform their business and make banking better for customers. With Temenos Transact Data Hub, banks have the data at their fingertips to anticipate customer need and deliver personalized experiences and relevant content for customers in the channel they want at the time they want it.”

Craig Focardi, Senior Analyst, Celent, added:

“Many banks who are renovating or upgrading their core banking platforms attempt to build internal data, reporting, and analytical capabilities along with the core banking project. These projects impact existing resource pools and may increase core project execution risk, timelines, and costs. Data hubs aim to solve data/analytics transformation goals while banks are upgrading core systems to leverage in-house data stores. Embedding a data platform within a core system and IT stack can be an effective solution for banks to optimize the value of their data asset while undertaking other major digital transformation projects.  Temenos is one of the largest banking technology and services providers globally, and is well positioned to assist financial institutions with these data management issues.”

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