Temenos Infinity Wealth Named ‘Best Onboarding Solution’ at 2020 Wealth Briefing Asia Awards

Eric Mellor
Eric Mellor – Wealth Management Specialist, APAC, Temenos

Tom Burroughes of WealthBriefingAsia interviews Eric Mellor, Wealth Management Specialist, APAC, at Temenos

What sets you apart from your peers in the region and why?

APAC is a very unique region in that the wealth management sector is at vastly different levels of maturity from country to country. The diverse nature of our product set allows our customers in mature regions to standardise their operations across a single vendor granting industry leading levels of operational efficiency.
In less developed markets, our flexible deployment options and less ridged architecture allows new entrants the ability to adopting a progressive renovation approach, scaling their technology landscape only when the market demands that additional complexity is required.

How have your colleagues contributed towards the success of your organisation?

One of our core values is authenticity and it’s the value that I witness the most often in my colleagues, being lived and breathed on a daily basis. My colleagues are some of the most exacting and demanding people I have ever worked with, always striving to make every engagement we undertake as successful as possible. At what has undoubtedly been a very trying few months for companies the world over, it is the strength, determination, tenacity and good humour that have enabled us to navigate this difficult period and to achieve the success we have enjoyed.

What are you going to do to stay on a front foot in a fast developing and challenging region such as this?

This year has seen us continue to integrate our 2018 and 2019 acquisitions, Avoka and Kony into the Temenos family and a re-brand of our digital front office to Temenos Infinity. We will continue to leverage the deep skills sets inherent in both of these organisations to evolve and improve our digital offerings, ensuring that our customers will not just maintain the pace but will both thrive and lead the industry into the future.

What have been the challenges you have had to overcome to reach such a standard?

2020 has obviously been a challenging year for everyone, not just in APAC but globally. As an organisation, we have focused on helping our customers to adapt their services for a world in lockdown and, more recently, have looked to the future to ensure that we can also support emerging trends that will be evident in a “post-Covid” environment. In Temenos, we take great pride in our customer centricity and like many organizations, we have had to adapt quickly to new ways of engaging with and supporting our customers

Whom do you look to for inspiration and ideas?

Constant, continuing innovation is what has enabled Temenos to remain at the forefront of global banking technology for so many years. We take our inspiration from a number of sources – emerging technologies, rising fintech challengers and even non-financial industries.

My most important source for new ideas is the customers I engage with every day. By learning more about their ambitions, the areas they wish to explore and the challenges that they face, we are able to bring focus to our own efforts to design and build the solutions to help them

What do you hope will be the result of your receiving this accolade? How does it help you in this region?

The client on-boarding segment has long been a challenging problem faced by both banks and wealth management companies in the APAC region. On-boarding processes are often complex, always labour intensive, very costly and capable of exposing organisation to unacceptable levels of operational risk.
The segment has been dominated by just a handful of solution providers for quite some time so we hope this recognition of our capabilities reflects the investment we have made, and continue to make, in helping to solve some of these unique business problems. Via our acquisitions of both Kony and Avoka, our capabilities in the digital front office space continue to improve and, more importantly, we are now able to equip our customers with easy to use, low code applications to enable them to design their own, unique, customer experiences.
Organisations that wish to differentiate in these increasingly competitive markets by launching unique applications will no longer need to rely on external vendors or employ significant internal resources to build in-house. Leveraging the tools that comprise our Infinity platform, our customer’s digital offering will be limited only by their own imagination.

Eric Mellor
Eric Mellor – Wealth Management Specialist, APAC, Temenos