A MarketPlace Success Story – Fireside chat with Paul Jones from HID

HID, one the world’s largest manufacturers of secure identity solutions, was working with Temenos for several years before joining the MarketPlace; a move which injected new momentum into the relationship.

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In 2018, not only did HID become the best-selling MarketPlace provider, but it also acquired Crossmatch, another MarketPlace provider offering biometric authentication, to strengthen its proposition for Temenos clients. Here, Paul Jones, Senior Director Global Presales Strategy & Operations at HID, shares some thoughts on working with Temenos, the changing nature of threat detection as well as what’s next for HID.

How long have you been working with Temenos?

HID Global and Temenos have been working together since 2006.  The Temenos Channels products have been integrated with the ActivID authentication platform and related products providing authentication solutions to our joint customers since 2008.

In addition to that HID Global has recently acquired Crossmatch that has also a strong relationship with Temenos as a Core Banking Biometrics Partner since 2013. This acquisition on top of complementing HID Global’s product portfolio will continue to strengthen our collaboration with Temenos

Which joint customers are you working with?

HID Global provides authentication, threat detection and biometric solutions to over a 100 Temenos customers globally, such as Bank of Ireland and Commercial Bank of Africa.

HID Global solutions help banks to protect their customers, covering all the use cases and in particular those required by the PSD2 and Open Banking, but also their employees at their desk or in branches.

Is Open banking changing the nature of the security threat?

Open banking and more specifically the payment services directive 2 is changing the way in which people interact with their banks, we are seeing a shift towards digital onboarding and mobile banking.

Banks understand the importance of the user authentication as they will be in charge of authenticating the user and they don’t want to share user’s data without a high degree of certainty that this request is approved by the right user.

Customers are demanding that their banking experience is both seamless and secure – HID Global has solutions that provide seamless, frictionless authentication to the majority of customers in the majority of use cases however when and if required HID Global can also step the level of authentication up in order to provide higher levels of assurance.

What is your USP, there are lots of security and authentication providers?

HID Global is a well-established company with a strong presence in the financial market that provides secure digital identity solutions.  HID uniquely offers solutions to authenticate corporate websites, internal staff, end customers and even the equipment they use to interact with the bank.

HID Global is one of the most trusted companies in the world and responsible for the issuance of more SSL certificates than any other organization.  HID secure technologies protect the payment infrastructure, access to buildings, access to Internet banking portals along with government employee access to IT systems and critical infrastructure along with issuing passports and driving licenses.

HID Global offers Advanced Risk Based Authentication solution with the widest range of authentication solutions available on the market today, we manufacture everything from chips to support identity, smartcards, one-time password devices and Biometric hardware – all of this is supported by software that enables organizations to consume the various authentication methods available on the market today. HID Risk Management Solution has one of the highest detection rates of known and new threats on the market and one of the lowest false positive rates, ensuring the efficiency and low operating cost of the solution.

What is the difference between MarketPlace and the complementary solution program?

MarketPlace is a business enabler, creating synergies between organizations – as vendor we become part of the dynamic fintech ecosystem. It enhances our relationship and provides opportunities to expand our offer while creating added value for the customers.

What prompted you buy Crossmatch, another MarketPlace provider?

HID Global acquired Crossmatch in order to strengthen our ability to offer innovative biometric identity solutions to our customers globally.  Crossmatch’s public-sector biometrics business enhances HID’s reach into the immigration and border control, law enforcement, military and defense markets with products and solutions that include criminal booking, rapid mobile identification, background checks, security clearance processing, military base access, counter-terrorism and mobile intelligence gathering, visa processing and citizen services.

The Crossmatch commercial biometrics business extends HID’s portfolio to include a broad array of single finger readers, modules, sensors and software developer kits (SDKs) for multiple vertical markets including – retail, financial, healthcare and OEM markets.

In the context of banking, Crossmatch is bringing two essential elements to HID Global’s offering: a multi-modal, multi-factor authentication solution for employees and customers, including biometrics authentication at branch. In addition, it enables organizations with frictionless and easy to manage authentication for employees, powered by seamless and intuitive user experience which ultimately will increase corporate policies adoption while increasing risk management and the security of all users. This approach is a principal driver and a key to HID Global’s success.

Crossmatch was a strategic acquisition for HID, enabling us to combine the technology and products from two marketplace vendors.  This combination enables HID to provide high assurance authentication solutions for both the banks internal resources and customers alike.  No other vendor on the market provides such a wide spectrum of authentication solutions, including (but not limited to) risk based authentication, biometric authentication, mobile based authentication and PKI based authentication.

What’s next for HID?

Acquisitions are part of HID Global’s strategy; we will continue to evaluate the market for vendors that complement the products and solutions we presently provide.  HID Global is committed to enhancing the level of integration we have with Temenos and are continually working to ensure that our products and solutions support the Temenos ecosystem.  In early 2019 HID Global will be releasing an updated integration with T24 and TCIB using the UXP framework along with support for TCUA whilst also investing in TCMB integration.  In addition to enhancing the level of integration we provide from a software perspective HID Global will also be working with Temenos in order to provide instant issuance solutions and card printing solutions via the HID portfolio.  For details

HID Global is working closely with Temenos to align our go to market strategies ensuring to create added value for the customers. Providing a complete secured banking solution, compliant with the latest regulations is a continuous work where strong partnerships like the one between HID Global and Temenos is success factor.

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