Pangea bridges the gap between need and network

Pangea is a great example of how Temenos MarketPlace is more than a curated selection of the world’s best fintech and regtech solutions. Its inclusion is part of efforts to ensure MarketPlace is a vibrant ecoystem that helps all its participants be the best they can, be they early-stage companies or financial institutions themselves.

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Set up by Silicon Valley tech veteran Marc Baumgartner in 2017, Pangea is a specialist service provider that allows small companies to scale up fast in a professional and effective way. With a focus on sales and pre-sales, Pangea acts as an accelerant, supplying core-competency resources such as sales, HR, legal and marketing.

“Small companies with a great product or service don’t necessarily have time, skills or network in, say, sales to allow them to keep up with demand and capture all the potential growth,” explains Baumgartner. “We provide these skills to make success repeatable and scalable for early-stage companies.”

Pangea is not a recruitment agency but instead employs staff directly. Its people are usually based out of Pangea’s offices, from where they sell on behalf of clients. “Most clients and potential clients don’t have offices where their markets are in London and New York, for example. We do – and where we don’t already have an office we will arrange it. Our office provision and the local knowledge that comes with that is part of our value,” he says.

Further value comes from the ability of Pangea to leverage its reputation and network to find the right, experienced, high-quality staff appropriate to the complex, high-end sales typical of MarketPlace.

“For most companies, it takes time to find and train the right people. But early-stage companies rarely have time. They need speed because they are burning cash and they can’t afford to make a mistake. Pangea takes that risk away,” he explains.

Pangea only recruits staff with proven track records, people who have existing relationships, are experts and understand the art and science of sales on the global stage and how to produce results. Pangea can also draw on an extensive ecosystem of supplementary services such as human resources, legal and marketing to help fill in skills gaps.

Pangea’s inclusion on MarketPlace is a boon for early-stage members and financial institutions that come looking for tech solutions. It bridges the gap between need and network.

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