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Screen offers enhanced profiling and screening services on your customers and all types of transactions on watch lists

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We are proud to announce that Temenos Screen, one of our four Financial Crime product modules, is now available on the Temenos MarketPlace. Screen offers enhanced profiling and screening services on your customers and all types of transactions on watch lists (including sanctions).

Its versatile, risk based approach integrates lists from various origins: public, commercial or private applying geographic and business rules. Sophisticated algorithms and highly effective scanning methods deliver the lowest false positive rates and ultimate efficiency. Screen’s flexible workflow framework allows you to define roles/access rights, context-based validation and 4, 6 or any number of review steps. Comprehensive, highly efficient transaction screening is performed in real time, with the fastest performance in the industry with all of the benefits of Microsoft Cloud Technology.

Screen comes with an intuitive user interface to view and evaluate compliance hits, allowing you to attach documents and links to hit evaluation. Each transaction comes with a full history and case management functionality. Your Compliance team can use Screen to manage public, commercial or private lists and lists entries including skips (white list entries) to reduce false hits. Screen supports filing of SARs (Suspicious Activity Report) and CTRs (Currency Transaction Report), presented in an easy to read Dashboard format.

‘I’m delighted that our sanctions screening solution, Screen, is now available on Temenos MarketPlace. Users can now easily experience maximum security, scalability and compliance while protecting and enhancing efficiency directly through a safe and trusted open Platform’ said Adam Gable, Product Director – Financial Crime and Treasury

Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Product Director, commented

“This is the first time a Temenos solution trial is available as an app, providing financial institutions with the chance to experience three powerful free trial experiences (Transaction Alert Manager, Watch List Manager and Knowledge Manager). Screen is the first of the Financial Crime Modules to arrive on MarketPlace with hopefully more to follow”

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