CU Broadcast Releases Exclusive Interview Highlighting How Temenos Technology Empowers Credit Unions in the US

Industry Voice, Mike Lawson, talks regulation and digitization with Temenos USA President, Jay Mossman, live from the CUNA Government Affairs Conference.

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The CUNA Government Affairs Conference is the biggest credit union event in the United States, drawing over 4,000 people from all over the country  to discuss issues surrounding regulation and how credit unions can embrace change and be progressive. The event receives attention from political figures, financial services leaders, and members of the press alike, including CU Broadcast’s Mike Lawson.

Over 60% of credit unions in the United States with over $1 billion in assets are using Lifecycle Management Suite technology, while over 1,000 banks and credit unions take advantage of the Temenos Risk & Compliance products to manage their social media and compliance needs. 

In a world where 33% of millennials won’t need a bank in 5 years, Temenos aims to help financial institutions expand into the digital realm and meet their account holders where they are: on social media, mobile and the web as a whole.

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