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The True Cost of Doing Nothing in Asset Management

How can asset managers resolve the contradiction of adopting a long-term IT strategy VS worrying about short-term profit?

Asset Management Whitepaper:

How to Build Your Long-term IT Strategy?

The asset management industry as previously known has changed forever. For the last two years, the industry has faced a time of unprecedented demands that will ultimately produce new winners and losers.

The growing interest in new asset classes, new geographies, cryptocurrencies, ESG and more, mean many asset managers are adapting their portfolios and investment strategies. But whilst the front-office is getting excited about new products & services, new software & systems, is the back-office ready? And if not, why not?

Asset management white paper

Read this paper and uncover insights from the key pressing topics in the industry:

  • New winners and losers: What’s the biggest risk of delaying change?
  • Modern platform approach for technology decision-makers: from buy & build, to extend & assemble?
  • The reality of in-house projects: is it actually more flexible at lower costs as initially assessed?
  • The biggest challenge of long-term plan: how to resolve the contradiction of adopting a long-term IT strategy VS short-term cost-cutting?
  • Build your strategic roadmap: from API frameworks to broader ecosystem, get ready for your evolving clients offering

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