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A-Z of Financial Crime in Africa

Perhaps nowhere are financial crimes, including fraud, more serious and more pronounced than in the banking sector of the economy. They are one of the biggest single causes of bank failure and distress in the African banking system.

In general, Africa is the most vulnerable and currently the most affected by financial crime in comparison to any other continent. According to PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2016, reported ‘economic’ crime has gone up by 7% in Africa over the last 2 years (to 57% against a global average of 36%). And KPMG’s AML survey1 listed Africa as having the lowest satisfaction rate in terms of its transaction monitoring system. There has therefore never been a more important time to have a full understanding of this issue and review existing systems to ensure the areas most open to abuse are addressed.

Welcome to the Temenos and NetGuardians A-Z of Financial Crime in Africa. A comprehensive e-book outlining the what, why and how of financial crime within the fastest-growing continent. Temenos and NetGuardians have teamed up to compile this indispensable A-Z guide exploring the size of the issue, who commits it and, most importantly, what can be done to mitigate against it. We hope it’s thought-provoking, not too worrying, stimulates discussion, and provides guidance and reassurance for the future.