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Progressive Banking Modernization eBook

Nearly everything that defines banking has changed over the past decade, but most banks rely on core technology that comes from a pre-digital banking era.

To provide answers for today and tomorrow, banks need to be able provide trusted financial services in an agile way, be able to create new business opportunities and push efficiency and cost savings.

Banks with a monolithic architecture struggle to meet modern consumer demands. Their ability to combine best of breed capabilities to create secure, resilient, scalable and differentiated financial services is close to non-existent, and new entrants and non-banks use these capabilities to provide innovative banking services and compete through embedded finance and banking-as-a-service. 

Get access to the Progressive Banking Modernization eBook to learn how banks can progressively modernize through scalable, resilient, and secure services, and how composable banking provides answers to remain relevant and drive new revenue streams in a more competitive marketplace. 

The eBook helps you to understand:

– How Progressive Banking Modernization creates a gradual renewal path where speed, resilience and safety can be provided through trusted and scalable services and existing technology can be decommissioned.
– How a Composable approach can be enable fundamental change in an existing bank to accelerate agility, seize new business opportunities and drive down costs.
– How trusted, evergreen and continually updated SaaS banking services are pivotal for banks that want to differentiate and deliver new services fast.

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