Digital Transformation in Fund Administration

A Temenos Survey in partnership with Funds Europe

Fund administrators are adapting to an age of digital transformation, investing to meet the needs of their asset management clients and the investors they serve. But how well is the asset servicing community prepared for these challenges? Which technology should they invest in? And what adjustments to their business culture does this require? Funds Europe, in partnership with Temenos, surveyed the industry to evaluate how it is managing this change agenda.

Download this report to find out where Asset Managers are focusing their priorities and digital investments. Key highlights include:

  • 93% say that investment in operational systems is essential for asset managers to improve efficiency and reduce cost.
  • 68% say it is important to have one strategic service provider that can support a client’s full outsourcing requirements.
  • 40% say that developments in artificial intelligence will be the most important development in the next ten years.

Download the white paper today to find out more: