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Wealth Management
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Learn About the Strategic Role of Personas in
Modern Wealth Management

In partnership with LTIMindtree, we collaborated with Kapronasia to produce this whitepaper that makes the case for hyper-personalization in wealth management powered by emerging capabilities like AI, ML, and Cloud platforms, and how integrating these technologies can enable tailored portfolio construction, advanced customer insights, and on-demand flexibility.

The whitepaper explains how hyper-personalized wealth management moves away from traditional models that rely on static and generalized segments, to a model that develops tailored investor personas based on psychographics, behaviors, and fluid financial goals that enables financial institutions to create rich and tailored customer experiences that resonate with next-generation priorities.

Download the whitepaper to read on case studies and examples of how global wealth managers leverage data and technology to enable bespoke sustainability offerings, psychographic profiling, and digitized advisory.

Key Contributors

Eric Mellor

Wealth Management Specialist
APAC, Middle East & Africa

[email protected]

Minh Duc Le

Client Engagement Director
Global Wealth Lead

[email protected]

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