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A Temenos Webinar Series in Collaboration
with Cornerstone Advisors

A New Series by Bankers, for Bankers

Join us for a three-part series featuring practical guidance from top
banking executives. Insightful discussions are moderated by Sam Kilmer, Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors and former banking executive with special guests and hosted by American Banker.

Sessions & Agenda

The Welcoming Bank in a World of Social Distancing: New Account Processes That Work.

July 23 | 2PM ET

Financial institutions can no longer count on face-to-face interactions to drive growth, especially in deposit account opening and digital sales. Digital banking strategies now must stretch to become explicit business generators that include exceptional experiences from service to new account sales. Join a group of financial leaders as they discuss the best new account opening practices.

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Future Ready Lending: What It Looks Like.

September 17 | 2PM ET

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Hosted by: Sam Kilmer

Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors

Sam Kilmer leads advisory for fintechs, vendors, and investors at Cornerstone Advisors. Sam’s experience includes leadership at two midsize banks and two fintech firms in the areas of digital banking, strategy, marketing, analytics, implementations, and partnerships.

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