Webinar Series: Future Proof Your Cloud Strategy

With Temenos and Google Cloud

Join us as we pave the road forward in the world of Cloud

Modern banking challenges demand agile technology and innovation to meet the requirements of business continuity, competitive disruption and emerging risk and compliance issues. Want to learn how you can embrace a flexible approach to digital transformation? Want to gain the ability to run anywhere, anytime with the fastest speed to innovation?

Join Google Cloud and Temenos at our series of virtual roadshows, bringing you the best of the financial services cloud. Hear from thought leaders and industry experts who will bring forward the latest and greatest insights on securing your digital future by harnessing the power of the cloud.

Taking Flight with Digital Banking in Asia

In collaboration with Google, GFT and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, tune in to this on-demand webinar and learn how you can accelerate your bank’s digital transformation in the cloud by securely modernizing and managing your branch, digital and core banking solutions. Gain insights about the key contributors to the growing SaaS adoptions across APAC and learn firsthand how to deploy on a hybrid cloud environment to create a seamless customer experience.

Cloud Matters: Accelerate Digital Shift in Hong Kong and Taiwan

A banking revolution is sweeping across Asia as increasing numbers of countries introduce new regulatory frameworks for digital banking. Leading financial centers including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore have either issued or plan to award new licences for digital banks. The banking industry is undergoing rapid structural transformation and embracing cloud technologies is required – as it is the only effective way to grow in a cost-effective manner. Hear from Temenos and Google Cloud experts about how cloud-based technology is reshaping the banking landscape in Hong Kong and Taiwan and the opportunities and challenges that come with this exciting era.

Lockdown Banking – How to Unlock Hyper-Personalization

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 health crisis, Europe has seen a staggering increase in the need to move services and work processes to digital platforms. This trend is not new in the financial industry. Still, it has become a clear differentiator for banks that can continue to provide flexible support and valuable services to their clients. It is vital financial institutions lay the technological foundations for success in the coming years. Customers now expect a fully digital experience and are more likely than ever to look for an alternative supplier. Together with speakers from Google Cloud, Boston Consulting Group and Samlink, Temenos is exploring how to unlock hyper-personalization with market insights, strategic tips and technological knowledge.

Taking Flight with Digital Banking in Latin America

In collaboration with Google Cloud, join us on October 6th at 12PM EDT for this exciting virtual session to learn about how cloud technology is changing the banking industry in Latin America & the Caribbean and how you can accelerate your bank’s strategy for digital transformation in the cloud. This webinar will be conducted in SPANISH. Register Here.

Cloud Banking Solutions for the Middle East and Africa

The financial services industry has seen extreme disruption in 2020, with closed bank branches and limited in-person assistance for customers. It is now more important than ever to digitally transform so that you have the ability to scale as needed to maintain business continuity, the agility to meet growing digital banking needs, and the flexibility to transform on your own terms with unified management across hybrid cloud and multi-clouds. In this virtual event, Temenos and Google Cloud experts will discuss key use cases and solutions to help you future-proof your cloud strategy.

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