On-Demand Webinar – LevelUP in Sri Lanka: How to power hyperpersonalised user journeys with AI

Co-hosted by Temenos and Sampath Information Technologies, this webinar seeks to provide you with the relevant and applicable data-driven insights for your bank.

In this webinar co-hosted by Temenos and Sampath Information Technology Solutions, we talked about how AI can power hyper-personalisation in the user journeys and how you enable AI monetisation.

In this session, you will hear about:
• Why XAI is critical in banking and financial services and how AI can meet your customers’ needs
• How AI creates the opportunity for upselling and cross-selling
• The benefits of Temenos XAI models development platform
• Fireside chat between Temenos and Sampath Bank

Fireside Chat – Thushara Jayathunga from Sampath Bank & Chee Kiat Loy from Temenos

Our Speakers

Chee Kiat Loy

Principal Solutions Consultant, Data Lake, Analytics, XAI | Temenos

Imran Vilcassim

Head of Sales, New Business, Sub-Continent | Temenos

Varnika Soysa

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer | Sampath Information Technologies

Thushara Jayathunga

Chief Manager IT | Sampath Bank PLC

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