Accelerating Transformation Through Cloud And SaaS Adoption APAC

How to use cloud and SaaS to achieve your bank digital transformation goals in APAC.

Banking industry nowadays faces multiple challenges, Cloud & SaaS can help you seize the moment.

In this webinar you will hear about:

  1. Cloud/SaaS | What is common & what’s different
  2. Ecosystems | Pre-integrated Fintechs
  3. Adoption by Banks | Public v.s. Private v.s. Hybrids
  4. SaaS financial implications | Capex v.s. Opex & Evolving TCO estimation
  5. Considerations | How to embrace SaaS? | Key stakeholders & Role
  6. Leveraging the service provider | Reliability & Experience
  7. Cloud adoption | Costs. Time to market, Security
  8. Realizing SaaS Benefits | Flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency
  • Kingshuk Mallick – Director, Temenos SaaS, APAC, Temenos
  • Venkataraman S V – Managing Director, ANZ, Bangalore
  • V. Ramkumar – Senior Partner, Cedar Management Consulting International

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