Blockchain 101

In recent months Blockchain has taken the financial industry by storm. This decentralized ledger, or simply put, list of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network, could profoundly alter the way we pay for things, the method of verifying who owns what and who has the right to participate.

The potential impact has left many wondering: how will this rising technology influence the way we operate as we know it today?

Join Temenos and BIG to hear firsthand how transformative this next-generation software has become, and why it is important for financial institutions to educate themselves on Blockchain and the affects it will have on the financial landscape. Topics of this webinar will include:

  • The differences between Blockchain and BITCOIN as well as other currency based networks.
  • The value behind Blockchain and the potential opportunities that it can offer the financial industry
  • The key attributes of a distributed ledger network which include: consensus, security and decentralization.
  • The various public, private and other industry initiatives surrounding Blockchain.
  • The ways Blockchain improves security and why you will need a cryptologist on staff someday soon.