Banking Cores and Clouds in Asia Pacific: Understanding Banks Use of Cloud Computing

The banking sector has been amongst the slowest industries to migrate core processing to the cloud. This transition can lead to many key benefits including agility and innovation.

With regulators increasingly recognizing the positive and economic benefits and impact of using cloud technology to digitize the bank more financial institutions are encouraged to start moving their core banking application to the cloud.

The webinar discussed the growing trends in banking and the cloud as a technology benefit for customers, regulation, FinTechs and most importantly innovation. Primarily focusing on the Australian and Hong Kong markets, the conversation included the APAC region in general, as its clear cloud maturity is a matter of regional acceptance and readiness and that banks are approaching these services in many ways.

Content based on research and insights was delivered through presentation and discussions with industry experts Connie Leung from Microsoft, Trevor Clarke from Tech Research Asia and Ross Mallace from Temenos.

The webinar serves as a perfect guide on how the use of cloud will shape the banking landscape in Asia Pacific. Please explore the resources below and contact [email protected] for further information.