Africa’s Digital Banking Revolution: Exploring the Trends

Across the African continent, mobile penetration has been facilitating an unprecedented digital banking renaissance, reshaping the core foundations of financial services as technology drives monumental shifts in the way we manage finances, transact, and grow wealth.

However, given the versatility of the region and its needs and demographics, banks seeking to keep up with this renaissance must ensure they are well-equipped to navigate key areas including USSD integration and microfinance empowerment, tailored onboarding strategies and seamless wallet integrations, shedding light on SME, business, and corporate banking needs, wealth creation, and the escalating demands in loan origination requirements.

In this exclusive webinar powered by Connect Global Group, “Africa’s Digital Banking Revolution: Exploring the Trends”, Senior Product Director of PM and PD, Robert Wint, alongside a panel of experts will give unparalleled insight into key trends, opportunities and challenges affecting digital banking across the African continent.


Key Takeaways

How USSD technology can enhance financial inclusion in Africa, making banking more accessible and user-friendly for underserved populations

How the rapid proliferation of mobile money services in Africa has reshaped the financial landscape, and the impact it has had on financial inclusion and economic growth across the continent

How banks and microfinances can collaborate to create a symbiotic relationship that significantly contributes to both economic growth and financial inclusion

What the essential elements of a customized onboarding strategy are to meet diverse regulatory and cultural needs across Africa, ensuring user trust and adoption of digital banking services

How can mobile wallets and e-wallets enhance the user experience and encourage digital transactions, fostering a more connected financial ecosystem?

Explore the specialized digital banking solutions  available to cater to the unique needs of SMEs, businesses, and corporations  

Watch the webinar: