8 Tips to Accelerate Loan Origination

Watch to learn 8 best practices for seamless loan applications!

Digital fintech lenders now originate up to 40% of personal, unsecured loans in the U.S. thanks to their focus on the consumer experience. How can financial institutions regain this market share and make loan origination as painless as possible?

Join us for this webinar to learn how to:
• Decrease abandonment rates
• Optimize data quality
• Provide quick decisions without sacrificing underwriting standards

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Abby Progin, Team Lead, Product Evangelism

Abby Progin is the Team Lead of Product Evangelism and has been with Temenos for over 10 years. Using the knowledge she has gained over a decade of working with financial institutions, she assists in prioritizing the Temenos Infinity roadmap for future releases. She leverages her knowledge of industry standards to assess how Temenos’ technology can best suit the specific needs of each individual financial institution.


Adam Miller, Customer Experience Practice Director

Adam Miller is the Director of CX Design Practice for Temenos. The Temenos CX Design Practice helps clients acquire new customers through great digital experience design. Prior to joining the team, Adam developed human-centered design programs at Oracle and Citrix, and always advocates for placing your customer at the center of all your digital transformation efforts.


Don Bergal, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Don Bergal, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Front Office Products at Temenos, has led expansion as a fintech leader in banks worldwide since 2015. Prior to Temenos, Don had a successful 25-year record of building high growth technology companies. He earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BS in Engineering from The University of Michigan.


Kris Frantzen, Vice President, Product Strategy

Kris Frantzen, Vice President of Product Strategy at Temenos, has 20 years of experience in the software and service space, focusing on loan and account origination and collection solutions for banks and credit unions. Kris works with customers, colleagues and prospects to drive a product vision and roadmap across the Temenos Infinity solution. Starting as a business analyst for a mortgage origination technology provider, his career has included a variety of roles and responsibilities across product leadership with Metavante and FIS.


Larry Edgar-Smith, Senior Vice President, Product Evangelism

Larry Edgar-Smith, Executive Vice President at Temenos, oversees day-to-day business operations for the Temenos Infinity solution, including product roadmap and vision, software delivery, quality assurance, professional services and customer management. During his 35-year career, Larry has been a senior contributor at a host of technology providers including FIS, GHR Systems, CapMark, Aecio Technologies, Day One and Unisys. He earned a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Dynamics of Organization and a BS in Accounting from Widener University.