Temenos Innovation Jam Hong Kong 2018 Highlights

Watch highlights from the 2018 Innovation Jam in Hong Kong. Representing the best in Asia, the event saw tough competition between all 8 innovative fintech companies. The final will be held on 24 May at the Temenos Community Forum.


Welcome to Hong Kong’s Temenos innovation Jam.

I thank you very much for showing up at our innovation Jam.

Just to begin with, a little short and brief lesson about history.

The winner of today’s innovation Jam, and the win goes to vPhrase.

Thank you so much Temenos, SuperCharger for giving us this opportunity and I’m really excited about the award and an opportunity to go and present at Dublin with other start-ups.

Thank you so much for voting for us.

I hope Temenos can hold this kind of event in mainland China, especially in Shanghai, which will definitely be beneficial for the development in FinTech and construction of FinTech eco-systems for Chinese banks.

If banks want to stand out in the fierce competition, they have to establish a strategic partnership with non-banking financial institutions.

Hi, I’m Neerav and I’m the founder of vPhase from India.

I never thought that we would win, we just thought that our intention of participating in this was to get create awareness about a brand about a product in the Hong Kong market, we never thought that we would win but now that we have won we are already really excited and looking forward to participating in Dublin.

I’m happy that we’ll be able to create some awareness in Dublin as well.