Sibos 2019 Highlights

Intelligent, Sustainable, Digital

Banking is experiencing extreme pressure to adapt, under attack from social media giants on one flank and the brash, PR-savvy ‘challenger’ banks with their sharp offers and sharp logos on the other flank.

It is now vital that the banking industry takes decisive action to seize advantage of the same opportunities and openings that GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon) have forged success from. Banks need to create an ecosystem that provides dynamic solutions and services to customers while reducing their operational and product costs. This needs to be done in a way, that provides a sustainable platform for future successful growth.

Banks need to create intelligent organizations, which use AI efficiently to reduce costs and improve customer engagement and relevance. This use of smart technology has to be explicable to key stakeholders and has to be able to scale. It is vital that banks become innovative without having to commit massive up front investments to speculative ventures.

Temenos is pleased to be at Sibos and would like to discuss how we can partner with you to help you on your transformational journey no matter how small or large.

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Kam Chana, Senior Digital Strategist, Temenos outlines how we can help the SME sector become more relevant by using the data from Open Banking and AI to make banking human again.

Tony Coleman, Cloud Technology Director, Temenos, speaking at Sibos 2019 said: “To really bring the end-to-end user journey together you need to use Explainable AI, bringing information from the Temenos Data Lake, and use its big data capabilities – all wrapped in a great user experience.”

Adam Gable, Product Director, Financial Crime, Treasury & Risk, Temenos speaking at Sibos 2019 said: “Today we announced the release of the Temenos Peer Group Identifier, an AI-powered financial profiling tool to assist banks in improving their customer experiences by focusing their financial crime detection efforts on the highest risk transactions.” Look out for a longer interview with Adam, explaining the technology in detail, on this site soon.

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