Video: Nelly Rezny at Fintech Finance NEWS

Watch the fascinating interview that Nelly had with Fintech Finance NEWS about TCF 2023

We dropped by for an insightful discussion with Nelly Rezny, EVP, Business Solutions Group, Americas at Temenos, to delve into her personal highlights of TCF 23. Nelly served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Temenos is a leading provider of banking software solutions, offering advanced and comprehensive tools that empower financial institutions to optimise operations, elevate customer experiences, and catalyse digital transformation within the banking industry.

“Our client awards. There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than to see what our clients actually do with our solution. So I would say that was the best of the highlights for me, and certainly just engaging with them and hearing directly from them how they’re using our solutions, how they’re innovating and where they’re taking us on a journey.”

“I want to continue to hear more from the clients, hear from different clients, see where our next generation of software is taking them, and also hear from the clients that are starting to move from on-prem over to SAAS and see the effectiveness of what the value that’s doing for them.”