Key Trends Driving Wealth Management

Eric Mellor, Wealth Management Specialist for APAC/MEA, explains some of the key trends that we anticipate will be top of mind for key decision makers in wealth management throughout 2023


The ability to leverage existing customer data in a structured manner will enable the creation of insights that may lead bespoke or semi-bespoke proposals. These will, at the very least, create a perception of a unique, tailored offering that if formulated correctly, is more likely to appeal to the selected sub-set of customers.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Multiple studies have shown that a younger generation of investors are seeking investments that reflect their underlying values and those that are not willing or unable to address client demands for ESG compliant portfolios risk losing those clients to other service providers.

Generational Wealth Transfer

With an estimated 40 to 60 trillion dollars set to change hands from the original baby boomers to their Gen X and Millennial children, this trend will remain of critical importance to wealth managers focused on higher net worth clients.

Fintech Adoption & API-ification

During the last few years with COVID-19, we saw a huge focus on the service offering and client experience. Now, within the current economic climate, every customer is focused on operating costs.

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