Video: Jason Dunlavey at Fintech Finance NEWS

Watch the fascinating interview that Nelly had with Fintech Finance NEWS about TCF 2023

At the Temenos Community Forum 2023 in Vienna, we had the opportunity to interview Jason Dunlavey, Senior Vice President – Sales at Temenos, to gain insights into his role and responsibilities within the company.

Sales Temenos is the division of Temenos dedicated to delivering a wide range of sales solutions and services tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions, empowering them to achieve sales excellence, drive business growth, and optimise customer engagement.

“It’s all about cloud right now. Getting our clients onto the cloud and solutions that can support scalability, as well as giving them the flexibility to grow with a solution. Most of our clients today are looking to be able to expand and innovate on a platform that’s going to scale as they continue to grow.”

“We really focus on our model bank strategy. So for example, in the US, we’ve invested in our US model bank. What the US model bank allows us to do is to bring US focused products, payment rails and other solutions to the market quickly, allowing our customers to take advantage of that and implement faster.”