‘The Era of Digitisation’ a Temenos Executive Lunch

Temenos Australia was delighted to host a thought leadership event for banking executives on Friday, 6th April 2018 at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, Australia. A celebration of customer success and an opportunity to learn about the future of banking through research and industry insights.

Guests had the opportunity to hear from Kam Chana, Head of Digital Strategy, Temenos UK. Kam shared global insights into digital banking trends and innovative digital strategies, enabling banks to deliver compelling and relevant banking experiences to customers.

Keynote speaker Simon Lyons, CEO of Goldfields Money, shared his story about the ambition and drive of Goldfields to modernise for the future. With a customer focused approach, the opportunity to transform the business presents a new era in open banking and more growth!


Tom Bentley – Temenos Head of Sales for Australia and New Zealand:

‘My name is Tom Bentley and I’m the head of sale for Temenos Australia.

What we really wanted to do is actually celebrate customer success and some of the things we’ve been doing with the base year.

We’re very pleased to have Simon Lyons here today speaking on behalf of Goldfields Money.

So, really looking forward to his presentation.’

Simon Lyons – Goldfields Money CEO:

‘We are soon to launch at the end of this month.

We’re going to launch an open banking platform which is a little bit different from what anybody’s done in Australia before.

To Kam’s point, we want to be digital first and digital front to back and that’s what we’re building.

So we had to change course and it is the heart of the banking operation and everybody told me ‘you’re a frigging idiot’ for trying to do it.

But we’re about a month away from doing it, we’ve done it with Temenos in probably record time and we’re about to deliver something that no one’s seen in Australia before.

Again I’ve said this, there’s no way we could have done what we’ve done in the last 12 months if we hadn’t have actually made that decision to write off our old system and stump up with Temenos.

It’s been a great journey for us.’

Kam Chana – Temenos Digital Strategist:

‘What are banks trying to do, what are the troubles they’re seeing, what are their hopes and aspirations, what are their challenges and fears?

Banks are taken by surprise at the fact that consumers are now standing up and saying: we want to bank differently.

For an organisation is it being digital from the front to the back, they’re not just investing in technology, how are they actually approaching digital?

Are they investing in consumer experience, are they investing in technology, are they fundamentally changing their culture?

How are they dealing with all the trends?

Inertia can’t play a role in the way that you approach customers anymore.’

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