ESG Exploration Roundtable

18 May, 2023, 2pm – 6pm,
London, Shangri-La, The Shard

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With global ESG assets expected to reach $53 trillion by 2025, many financial organizations are searching for ways to analyze better and improve how their business and their investments perform regarding impact-investment decision-making.

This roundtable is your exclusive opportunity to hear from leading industry experts and meet with your banking peers to discuss the latest trends and challenges, including:

  • Driving sustainability for SMEs and reducing credit risk for banks
  • Exploring ESG ratings for Wealth Management

Meet your hosts

Kalliopi Chioti Chief Marketing and Environmental, Social, and Governance Officer
Alex Duret Senior Product Director, Wealth
The Disruption House

The event schedule includes a drink reception, networking, and interactive breakout sessions.

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