Measuring the Regional Cloud Ecosystem

The Middle East and North Africa region is a major hub of lively innovation. As these countries transition from oil-dependent economies to digital ones, they have become early adopters of cutting-edge technology.

Cloud computing is at a turning point, moving from a promising concept to a true enabler of emerging technologies—a status reinforced by the cloud’s undeniable role in helping us cope with the pandemic. The cloud is now expected to deliver on many aspects of our lives and provide a foundation for more emerging technological advancements to be built.

The Cloud Competitiveness Index 2023 (CCI2023), presented by MENA Cloud Alliance (MENACA), is an ongoing project that provides an overview of the current state and future prospects of the cloud ecosystem in 15 countries in the region.

MENACA has created an index that measures the competitiveness of the cloud computing market in these countries and provides a tool for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the regional economies. MENA used mostly publicly available data to create a composite index that represents the complexities of a nation’s technology infrastructure and helps to advance cloud computing. MENACAs goal is to provide major market players with a fact-based understanding of the status of the cloud ecosystem in these countries. MENA Cloud Alliance recognizes that cloud competitiveness can vary significantly depending on the economic and institutional context. We see this report as an opportunity for dialogue, debate, and ongoing learning.

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