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Why Temenos Transact Core Banking?

Temenos Transact is the most successful and widely used digital core-banking solution in the world. Using cloud native and agnostic technology, Temenos Transact provides the most extensive and richest set of banking functionality across retail, corporate, treasury, wealth and payments with over 1000 banks in 150+ countries relying on it to provide market leading and innovative products and services to their customers.

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Leveraging Modern & Disruptive Technologies

Temenos Transact exploits new technologies to facilitate ease of use and ubiquity of access of everyday products and services for the end customer and enabling banks to meet their customers ever increasing expectations and demands.

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Expanding Customer Segments

Customers have become more discerning and less loyal; they shop around for better deals from multiple providers. Temenos Transact enables banks to introduce new products using capabilities drawn from all sectors and hence continue to produce services and offers which are relevant, attractive and innovative, hence increasing customer loyalty and making it easier to acquire new customers.

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Regulation & Market Practice

Regulation is no longer just about reporting and compliance. It is causing banking operating models to fundamentally change. Temenos Transact enables our clients to enjoy the certainty that regulatory compliance and key market standard changes will be applied to their Temenos solutions on time.


New entrants entering banking in the past few years share certain characteristics – they are all consumer-oriented technology-driven companies that are leveraging disruptive technologies to develop compelling propositions for their customers. Temenos Transact provides and leverages these technologies to enable incumbent banks to transform to more agile digital banking providers while also offering compelling solutions for challenger and neo banks

Continual Release Deployment

The solution has regular monthly releases of new functionality which ensure that banks can access new capabilities as soon as they are available. This expanding functionality is delivered as component level upgrades, and can be installed online with no system downtime, ensuring that customer services and operations are unaffected.

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Challenging Market Conditions

Prolonged recessionary conditions have continued for many years over the last decade putting pressure on margins. ROEs have still not recovered since the pre- 2008 crisis levels of >20%. Cost models of new entrants are an order of magnitude different from the incumbent banks – cost income ratios of 30% vs 50s for most European banks. Temenos Transact’s modern digital banking architecture provides ample opportunity for end-to-end automation and provision of compelling customer products & services at a more efficient cost point.

Measurable Success

23 years

Longest, continuous, upgradeable use of software is 23 years so far


1080 total Temenos Transact clients


41 of the top 50 banks run Temenos


#1 best selling core banking system for 14 years – IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2019


Largest client has 24 million accounts

Product Overview

Integrated Corporate Banking core system with unparalleled functional depth and capability

Retail Banking

Temenos Transact is a functionally rich, flexible and agile core processing engine that enables your institution to offer personalized, customer-relevant products, while allowing for lower operational costs and increased ROE.

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Corporate Banking

Temenos Transact provides best-in-class corporate banking capabilities. The solution is an integrated core banking system with deployable components which cover all areas of corporate banking including corporate lending, trade finance, payments and cash and liquidity management.

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Wealth Management

Offering support for Securities and Derivative trading activities to support both Wealth and Mass Affluent sectors. Providing integrated capabilities across the entire trade and instrument lifecycle from order and trade management through to corporate event processing.

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Designed to meet the complete needs of a modern international treasury operation. Temenos Transact Treasury helps banks of all sizes reduce risk and improve profitability whilst safeguarding regulatory compliance. Covering front, middle and back office on a single platform.

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T24 is now Temenos Transact

Temenos Transact – Cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, API first and AI-Enabled

Customer Success Stories

O Bank Success Story - New Taipei City, Taiwan Coastline

“Temenos software allows the bank to launch products in cycles that are probably 10x faster than before. We are working together with Temenos as partners to transform our business digitally from bottom up.””

Ezequiel Szafir, CEO, Openbank

You’re in Good Company

Temenos Platform

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic

Lower costs with the elastic scalability, security, and control you need to shape your business.

APIs & Extensibility

Innovate faster with access to over 700 open APIs in the largest FinTech ecosystem.

Microservices & Containers

Microservice architectures enable continuous application upgrades and cloud scalability.

Distributed Database

Achieve true horizontal scalability in the database layer and operate on an active-active basis across multi-cloud.

Temenos Continuous Deployment – DevOps

Reduce cost and shorten software release cycles – code in the morning, deploy in the afternoon.

Security & Immutable Logging

Protect your bank from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security.

AI & Machine Learning

Explainable AI enables transparency into automated decisions and provides intelligent banking by growing revenues, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Multiexperience Development Platform

Deliver a best-in-class user experience as a consistent and seamless multiexperience digital journey across various touch points and modes of interactions.

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