Temenos Enterprise Services

Banks look for solutions they can leverage today. With Temenos Enterprise Service, we offer SaaS-provided, end-to-end banking capabilities to rapidly deliver and transform banking experiences. 


Deliver leading banking experiences today

Temenos comprehensively supports banks across segments with rich capabilities to deliver personalized banking experiences at scale. Through Enterprise Services we now offer pre-packaged, end-to-end capabilities on SaaS. This allows banks to start their projects in 24 hours, and start delivering customer-centric banking services in 90 days from a continually updated SaaS-service.

Direct access to segment services

Temenos Enterprise Services are purposely built to serve various segments. Today this includes Enterprise Services for Retail, Business & Corporate with Wealth soon to follow. Delivered on Temenos SaaS, these services will be continuously enhanced, evolved, and updated and come with the respective country model to localize safely and rapidly in your market. 

A true front-to-back SaaS offering

All Temenos Enterprise Services offer end-to-end capabilities. This ensures proven comprehensive business coverage including pre-packaged, pre-configured processes and journeys that are supported across our Core, Digital, Financial Crime Mitigation and Payments, supported by 700+ APIs, automated CI/CD pipeline, and extensive tooling to safely deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Modernize at your own pace

With changing business requirements and the need to support the adoption of digital business models, financial institutions need to evolve their architecture with smaller, progressive steps. With Enterprise Services our clients utilize ready-to-use and end-to-end capabilities that can be consumed from the get-to, paving the way for evolutionary modernization per portfolio, business line, IT domain, or operation.  

Single SaaS service, delivered

Temenos SaaS clients operate in over 30 regulated jurisdictions across the globe. They have access to resilient, secure, and scalable banking capabilities as-a-service, allowing them to focus on their customers. With Enterprise Services we provide immediate access to end-to-end banking capabilities, eliminating complexity and offering optimal flexibility to create differentiating banking experiences from the get-go under a single service.


Retail Enterprise Service

As consumers are looking for banking services that are always on, available in any digital experience and provide personalized solutions, banks need to rapidly adapt, scale and amaze their customers with outstanding, end-to-end experiences. Learn about our Retail Enterprise Service.

Business & Corporate Enterprise Service

Banking in the Business domain has rapidly evolved: Increasingly clients expect more personalized finance and payment solutions, delivered on demand and in a digital environment. Learn how our Business & Corporate Enterprise Service helps your bank to make this happen.


Continuous upgrades

Temenos offers automated annual upgrades to all Temenos SaaS customers. In this video EQ Bank share the power of continuous updates and SaaS banking innovations.

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Efficiency at scale with Enterprise Services

Using the Retail Enterprise Service, the latest 2024 Temenos benchmark shows the advances in Temenos’ leaner and more sustainable architecture to handle the variable demands of digital transactions while supporting banks to meet their sustainability goals.

Temenos SaaS

Our clients demand the highest standards risk, data, regulation, ESG and security management. Temenos SaaS service delivers on these stringent needs to any financial institution in the world, while providing access to broad and deep market leading banking capabilities to compose exceptional banking experiences.

95% lower carbon footprint with SaaS

Temenos SaaS delivers on the growing sustainability needs of all financial institutions. Powered by hyperscalers, our clients create 92-98% annual savings in MTCO2e emissions, compared to on-premise alternatives.

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