Payment Modernization For International Branch Networks

Are you seeking to modernize payments processing for a network of international branches?

The International Branch Networks of banks need to maintain compliance across multiple jurisdictions while innovating in a vastly competitive and dynamic payments arena.

There are hundreds of new business and regulatory-driven initiatives to consider in large internationally distributed financial institutions, all against a background of declining margins and resources. At the same time, a bank’s head office domestic payments business continually grabs the internal headlines and focus, as well as the majority of investment. How can international entities address their needs within this, less than ideal, environment?

How do they break the mold and advance their undoubted needs in a cost effective and sustainable way?

Temenos can help by demonstrating how to enable a sustainable, successful roadmap for multi-jurisdictional payment processors.


Temenos & Capgemini: Empowering the International Branch Network through Payments Transformation

What’s driving change across the payments landscape? And how can the international branch network get ready for the future? Mick Fennell, Business Line Director, Payments at Temenos catches up with Jeroen Holscher, Head of Global Payments & Cards Practice, Capgemini to discuss the key challenges, solutions, and how to build a business case for change.

Powering Payments Beyond Borders – How Temenos Can Help Future-Proof Your Payments

The boundary that often exists between head office business, covering the primary domestic market of the bank, and the network of international entities of the same institution, covering the needs of the non-domestic markets, is causing problems in the payment arena. Sometimes the multi-entity international arms of financial institutions can often find themselves being treated like second-class citizens by their organizations, where the investment focus at the highest levels is elsewhere. This happens despite the international entities being faced with a larger challenge to stay compliant and competitive in payment service provision for the multiple, disparate markets they serve.

Now is the time to start moving away from a range of technological, architectural, and organizational approaches that lengthen your time to market for multiple new services and generate even more costs. Branch networks must seize the moment, move away from legacy architectures with high operational costs, and embrace the benefits of next-generation, cost-effective, sustainable, SaaS-based payments processing. We are ready to talk!

Read the insights of the Temenos experts who provide and install the payment solutions that power the world’s most successful banks.

International Entity Networks: Breaking the second class citizen mold

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for financial institutions to avoid or postpone the strategic investment required to meaningfully address the pressing challenges of payment processing modernization. Industry initiatives such as new instant payment services, or new ISO 20022 based clearing schemes, or new open API initiated flows, all demand significant change.

Break the mold & pave the way for a brighter future

How do you pave the way to a successful future? A future where the burden of maintaining compliance with mandated regulatory change in multiple markets is greatly reduced, where the issues of scalability and flexibility are removed, and where your ability to address disparate markets and customer needs is a differentiator, not a barrier to success?

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