Modernizing Banking and Accelerating Innovation

Modernizing Banking Accelerating Innovation

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Learn About Building Secure and Modern Core Banking Applications on the Cloud

Financial Institutions across the globe are actively considering or migrating from legacy dedicated on-premises data center infrastructure to secure, modern applications built on the Cloud. This shift involves either opting to consuming banking solutions as a SaaS Cloud Service as part of their SaaS-First Strategy, or alternatively self-hosting solutions in the cloud.

The Triparty Initiative, consisting of Temenos, Tech Mahindra, and Amazon Web Services, has united to support Financial Institutions in their transition to the Cloud. Together, they have developed this specialized whitepaper on cloud migration tailored specifically for core banking clients.

This whitepaper provides an extensive overview of the primary drivers and challenges encountered during the migration of core banking solutions to the Cloud, aiming to facilitate and optimize the Cloud enablement journey for financial institutions, offering valuable insights and guidance throughout the migration process.

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