Highlights from TCF 2023

We’ve curated the best of TCF 2023 with key industry insights, customer case studies and technology updates for you to watch on-demand.

The Temenos Community Forum 2023 has just come to a close. Our community of C-level executives, key decision-makers and rising stars of fintech gathered from over 150 countries to share their experiences, to learn, and to grow their networks. They unveiled their latest innovations and announcements and had industry pioneers share their best practices and lessons from their success. Below is content for you to keep exploring. We’ve rounded up the best sessions so you can catch up on-demand.

Engage and Grow in a Cloud World

In his keynote address Temenos CEO, Andreas Andreades, explores the transformative power of an open platform, on-premise, in the Cloud or as SaaS, and how it can provide endless opportunities to engage with customers and scale for massive demand.

New Levers for Digital Transformation

The drive towards modernization is everywhere in the banking and finance industry, focusing on customer engagement, innovation, efficiency, and a strong environmental and social agenda. The ability to succeed in this environment is centered around cloud technology and SaaS delivery. We will explore how Temenos is leading and engaging with the industry around this, looking at key themes and hearing about customer and technology advances.

Growth: Unlocking Opportunities

Product agility and scalability is the key to unlock new opportunities, reach customers and tap into new sectors. Together with two leading financial service providers we explore the many forms of growth and how they stay ahead of the curve.

The Rise of Embedded Finance

Embedded finance is on the march, as new opportunities to add banking business capabilities directly into the financial ecosystem of consumers and businesses arise at an accelerating rate. Banking as a Service is one of the key enabling innovations for this growth opportunity, and Temenos has powered real-world customer success in this area and is making further strategic investments in this area.

End-to-End Corporate Banking

Corporate banking is more and more becoming an “end to end” proposition where business flows and visibility need to be available to bankers and their clients from initiation to servicing and across all the lines of activity, often encompassing data and processes in multiple organizations. Modern technology and sharp business insights are the key to realizing value.

Instant Payments: Efficiency and Protection

The world of payments is changing, customer demands, rising regulations and non-bank players are reshaping the payment landscape. It’s imperative for payment providers to move from legacy platforms to modern real-time payments now. Join our expert discussion to find out more about the opportunities, the challenges and the latest trends in the payment market.

Journey to SaaS

Operating in an increasingly more tech driven world comes with additional risks and requires a robust and proven framework of resilience, security, and data management. Join this Breakout and learn how Temenos’ helps their customers to live up to the increasingly demanding standards in banking.

Retail Banking: Innovation and Growth

Join us for a deep dive into the latest innovations in retail banking. With driving forces like customer expectations and rapidly evolving technology, we explore how these expectations can create opportunities for growth for banks, and how new technology thinking can make it possible to deliver quickly and grow value.

A New Chapter for Challengers: The Recipe for Delivering Sustained Growth

Over 85 challengers use Temenos to deliver banking services at speed and unlimited scale. Learn how challengers’ banks deliver sustained growth in new market circumstances and drive innovative banking services to seize new business opportunities.

Wealth in the Cloud

Deep dive on key Temenos technologies and recent advances to support our clients moving to the Cloud. Learn about the cloud-native architecture that drives innovation, is scalable, flexible and provides data privacy. Find out the latest trends of the market today, as they are predicted by key market analysts.