Digital Banking Made Human For Business Customers

Discover six touchpoints to create emotional SME and business banking connections.

Digital Banking For Human Moments

Discover how we are bringing people back to the center of digital banking.

From high-risk investment to high-reward banking

Explore ways that banks can better support SMEs across multiple touchpoints, all through the lens of a business owner’s journey from idea to enterprise.

Emotions play a huge role in the decisions we make every day – big and small. Choosing where we bank is no exception. Recognizing and treating customers as unique individuals, rather than account IDs, will translate into their long-term loyalty and trust.

As more customers bank digitally and data becomes key to employee success, Temenos creates outstanding digital banking experiences to help banks forge emotional connections with every customer.

Together, we can make digital banking human.

Invest in Emotion – what do customers really want from their banks?

How do customers really feel about their bank? Do they visit the branch because they want to or need to? Why are customers attracted to the competition? We spoke to c.5,000 consumers globally about their experiences and why deeper emotional engagement is critical.

Human By Design

Temenos Infinity’s Design Centre of Excellence is dedicated to creating best-in-class digital banking experiences through customer understanding, collaboration and innovation. Check out our 7 principles for designing better banking experiences.


Hear from Temenos experts and customers about how banks can better serve their customers' needs, on both an emotional and lifestyle level with exceptional digital banking experiences.

Innovating from problem to commercial reality

Head of Innovation Kam Chana, says generating a new idea is by no means the same as creating one that has the potential to become a commercial reality and then successfully bringing it to market. Finding the sweet spot in consumer desirability, business viability and technical feasibility is an art form.

A New Model For SME Banking

Kam Chana, Product Innovation Director at Temenos, discusses the five biggest SME banking trends of 2021 and how banks can adopt a new digital model and embracing innovation.

Digital Banking Made Human

Derek Corcoran, Chief Experience Officer at Temenos, talks about the acceleration of digital, how banks should focus products around their customer’s life moments, and how they can use technology to make digital banking human.

Temenos Infinity – Digital Banking Platform

Temenos Infinity is the platform for business transformation that helps financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Reimagine the way you engage with your customers – through both digital and physical channels – creating a consistent and seamless experience.

Temenos Infinity for Retail Banking Brochure

Temenos Infinity for Retail Banking is an app covering retail banking customer engagement from acquisition, through digital banking, and on to long term customer retention on a single integrated experience. It delivers compelling experiences across all digital channels with web based and native mobile apps, branch automation, and advanced interfaces like conversational banking and wearable devices.

Six Touchpoints To Create Emotional SME Connections

From high-risk investment to high-reward banking. Explore ways that banks can start to better support SMEs across multiple touchpoints, all through the lens of a business owner’s journey from idea to enterprise