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DataSource is an Enterprise Data Management solution that improves the quality of your market and reference data on an automated basis. It thereby reduces the costs and risks connected with the management of a constantly growing volume of data. DataSource is built to generate your “Golden Copy”.

The flexibility of its high-performance rules engine and data model allows DataSource to adapt fast to changing regulations. It validates data acquired from international and local providers, merges it and then forwards consistent data to various target systems within the organization. This versatility makes DataSource unique.

Thanks to the integrated reporting system, centralised collection mechanisms make it easy to conduct internal and external audits. The future-proof technology of DataSource (JEE) can be easily expanded to meet the demands of the most complex SOA strategies. Data can be imported, consolidated and exported in a single STP process. Even the largest volumes of data can be efficiently managed thanks to scalable architecture.

Key Benefits of DataSource

  • Pre-configured business modules
  • Automated improvements of data quality
  • Scalable IT architecture for fast processing of high volumes
  • Flexibility to adapt regulatory changes
  • Full Multi-Company support for multiple source and target systems
  • Reducing costs & risk by increasing data quality and STP rate

Why Datasource

DataSource Functional Areas

Business Rules Engine

  • Powerful Data Mapping and Centralised Data Validation
  • Data Cleansing through embedded business logic
  • Data Enrichment (e.g. complementary attributes from internal sources)
  • Configurable via GUI by business analysts
  • Error and exception handling
  • Activation date
  • Statistical Information
  • Monitoring of data value mismatches from different data sources

Datasource Factsheet

Download our Datasource Factsheet PDF for more details on features and benefits


Solution modules

  • Workflow & Process Engine
  • Data Loader (Import)
  • Data Distribution (Export)
  • Visualization / Analyser
  • Meta Data Model
  • Migration & Reconciliation Engine

Provided data segments

  • Issuer/ Institutions / Markets
  • Static Data
  • Corporate Actions Data
  • Price Data
  • Regulatory Data

State-of-the-art Architecture & Technology

  • Java EE as technical foundation
  • High Scalability
  • Clustering on Application Server and Database layer supported
  • Integration Framework (Web Services, MQ)