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Temenos Payments

A uniquely flexible payment offering full, real-time control and a harmonized customer service experience.

Our Payments range is a uniquely flexible group of solutions that give banks full, real-time control of their payments, while harmonizing their customer service experience and centralizing cost efficiencies and risk management.

Available on-premise or hosted on the cloud, our range includes a universal payments hub as well as sophisticated modules for real-time payments (including support for Instant Payments including SEPA), automatic payments repair and payment order management.

Our Payments range is available as standalone or can be fully embedded in our Core Banking, Channel or Financial Crime Mitigation solutions. This independent Payments range, with its scalable and highly efficient technology, enables banks to profit from payments today and tomorrow.

Challenges in payments

The ongoing introduction of payments legislation, ISO 20022 migration, the increased focus on emerging technologies, and the continuing growth in the number of channels and regulations means that financial institutions need to be well positioned and equipped to react quickly to on-going changes to support this role.

Some of the challenges

  • Profiting from payments
  • Legacy system complexity 
  • Disintermediation from new players


  • Introduction of the emerging technologies
  • Cross-border payments inefficiencies
  • Handling digital payments


  • Real-time payments
  • Straight-through-processing (STP)

How our Payments range helps

  • Profitability: generates additional fee income and advanced customer service through provision of accelerated funds availability and reduced settlement charges along with comprehensive payment processing controls
  • Payments simplicity: clients realize 99% STP rates through a single solution for all payments, no systems downtime, intelligent routing and settlement, etc.
  • New product development and growth: product changes can be configured at business level, solutions scales on demand and adapt to any scheme rules using a framework designed for multiple clearing schemas, with little or no need for code
  • Agility: layered, open architecture allows us to deliver flexibility and agility throughout the payment journey
  • Utilize emerging technologies: API and IS020022 enabled payment hub means no integration needed resulting in shorter time to market and benefit realisation
  • All payments: processes any type of payment or size from any channel or source
  • Flexible implementation: Implement only modules needed available standalone or embedded in Temenos T24 Transact, on premises or in the cloud
  • Cloud Native and cloud agnostic: Elastic scalability, agility, independence and connectedness delivering a lower TCO, only pay for what you need

Payments Product Brochure

Our Payment product family is a uniquely flexible offering


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