Investing in Our Communities


Our people offered their time and expertise to support local community organizations, as well as to donate management time and expertise to support nongovernmental organizations in the Company’s core activities. See below some of our volunteering programs:

Temenos Employees Fun Run 2018

380 Temenos employees and partners run 5K during the two most prominent Temenos events: Global Sales Meeting (GSM) 2018 in Lisbon and Temenos Community Forum (TCF) 2018 in Dublin to support the local community of a village in Kenya, in partnership with Hand in Hand International.

Through this poverty alleviation and local economic development program, that started in 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2020- Temenos awarded USD 30,000 to the local community in Kenya, aiming at training 400 villagers, creating around 350 jobs and lifting 1,250 children and adults out of poverty.

Food Bank Volunteering – Canada & the US

Temenos Canada employees volunteered at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, sorting food to be distributed to its members.

Avoka Temenos employees in Colorado volunteered at Broomfield FISH, a food bank serving those in need at the local community, sorting the incoming donations to stock the food bank’s shelves.

Volunteering for the Environment

Temenos Romania employees volunteered to “Let’s Do It, Romania!”, the biggest national volunteering event in Romania, with the aim to gather the waste from protected lands and habitats.

Along with 136,000 volunteers, Temenos Romania employees gathered 168,000 bags of PET, glass, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, textiles, and shoes and electronics waste.