Investing in Our Communities

Volunteering for the Environment

We are organizing environmental voluntary activities around the world, with the aim to encourage our employees to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Approach

In order to educate ourselves through action and spread environmental awareness, we are organizing environmental voluntary activities around the world, with the aim to encourage our employees to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Developing ChangeMakers
of a Greener Future


Miami Eco-Action Volunteering

During the Miami-Dade Park’s Eco-Action Day, our
ladies volunteered to restore one of the biggest parks
and natural areas in Miami, Crandon Beach.

Internal Campaign to Stop Plastic Pollution

To raise awareness about the big environmental impact of plastic and to help reduce plastic use, our Temenos India employees in Bangalore conducted a five day campaign.

Lake Cleaning

In August 2019, our Temenos India employees in Chennai volunteered to clean Porur lake. In October 2019, they returned to the lake, not only to clean it but also to plant trees, contributing to the protection of the lake flora and fauna.


Internal campaign to Stop the Use of Plastic

In 2020, our Temenos India employees in Chennai have participated in an internal campaign to raise awareness about the impact of plastic use on the environment.

Miami Beach Cleanup Activity

For the International Coastal Cleanup 2020 Day, our Temenos Miami employees joined Miami Water Keeper and Biscayne Nature Center for a Beach Cleanup activity.

Temenos Green Initiative (TGI)

In 2020, Temenos has launched in India, The Temenos Green Initiative (TGI), a series of targeted annual events aimed at empowering Temenosians to become change makers of a greener future.

Trash to Treasure Contest 2K20

In the context of Temenos Green Initiative (TGI), our Temenos India employees along with their families have participated in the ‘’Biggest Virtual Family Event’’ ever to be organized by Temenos, aimed to promote the concept of Upcycling by transforming waste into artistic and impactful crafts.


Miami Team in Action

To celebrate Earth Day, on April 22nd 2021, Miami team joined Debris Free Oceans organization for the neighborhood spring cleaning and collected around 120 pounds of garbage in Wynwood.

Ecosystem Restoration Virtual Family Event

Temenos celebrated ecological restoration on World Environment Day 2021, by teaching our future generation the ancient technique of seed ball making. It was a Virtual Family event with more than 20 participants along with their family members joining hands together for the contribution towards environmental sustainability.

Mission Earth Possible

In July 2021 we launched, for the first time, a global CSR challenge: the Mission Earth Possible, a series of monthly environmental challenges designed to increase awareness and inspire action, engaging 270 Temenosians from all our offices globally, in the following areas:

Digital Clean up, Reduce electricity consumption, Adopt a more Plant-Based Diet, Drive less, Fly less and Buy less, Waste less.

Grow Trees Initiative

In 2021, Temenos, together with Grow-Trees, a social enterprise that helps tackle the climate crisis, improve bio-diversity and provide employment for villagers in India, has launched a project to exclusively plant trees in two areas in India, where two of our offices are located.

Trees for Biodiversity, Theni-Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India – 25,000 Trees. Trees for Villagers, Khamam, Telangana, India – 10,000 Trees.

The trees are adopted by Temenos and eTreeCertificates for each tree planted, are being sent to employees, partners as well as Temenos corporate event participants, to be able to monitor the progress of the adopted tree.

Mission Earth Team: We Care, We Act

Following the success of Mission Earth Possible Challenges, we have proudly introduced the Mission Earth team, an internal global team, made up by passionate employees with a vision to inspire all employees to become part of the solution and spread environmental awareness by acting on 7 key areas and contributing to 12 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the UN):

7 Key Areas: Nutrition, Education, Waste, Natural Resources Consumption, Biodiversity, Transportation and Mindfulness/Minimalism

Mission Earth’s VISION 2025 is to get EVERY Temenosian engaged in any of the 7 key areas and share the action with peers, family and friends, in order to start a butterfly effect of positive change.