Vista Bank is bringing a fresh approach to the African banking sector. To appeal to customers ranging from individual consumers to small and medium-sized businesses, Vista Bank set out to create innovative, user-friendly digital banking services. To realize this vision, the bank deployed Temenos Transact and Temenos Infinity—providing an integrated ecosystem of core banking, analytics, payments, and digital solutions. With the scalability and pre-configured local best practices of the Temenos solutions, Vista Bank has the platform it needs to achieve its strategic goal of expanding beyond its core markets in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, and Guinea to build a customer base in 15 African countries by 2025.

Complaint Management Triage

I am delighted that through our partnership with Temenos, which leverages their 25 years of industry expertise, we now have the most sophisticated, innovative, cloud-native banking platform.”

Simon Tiemtore, Group Chairman at Vista Bank