At a Glance

• Strengthens status as a top-five bank in Vietnam and one the most innovative players

Enables frictionless, personalized user experiences across all channels

Faster time to market for digital banking services with Temenos digital banking platform

Sacombank is one of Vietnam’s largest banks, with more than 15 million retail and business banking clients—half of whom are digital customers. The bank also operates 566 branches across Vietnam, as well as subsidiaries in Cambodia and Laos.

In Vietnam, more than half of the population is under 35 years old. Digital services are therefore a strategic priority for Sacombank, as it aims to capture a greater share of the lucrative millennial and Gen Z market segment. The country is also a hotspot for digital innovation with a thriving fintech and e-commerce industry, and boasts one of the fastest growing digital economies in Southeast Asia.

Thach Nguyen Ngoc, Director of Application Operations Center, Sacombank, explains: “Vietnam is leading the way in digital banking in Southeast Asia. We have a young population of digitally savvy consumers who expect to be able to do everything on the go from their preferred device. To stay competitive and attract more customers, we must deliver a truly frictionless omnichannel experience.”

Elevating the customer experience

Already recognized as a leader in digital banking in Vietnam by prestigious publications such as the International Business Magazine, Sacombank now aimed to take its services to the next level. “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do,” confirms Thach Nguyen Ngoc. “We’re always looking to implement new ideas, new products, and new processes to improve the customer experience.”

After a thorough evaluation of top-ranked solutions, Sacombank selected Temenos digital banking to unify the user experience across all of its digital delivery channels, including its eBanking web portal, mBanking, mSign, and Sacombank Pay mobile apps. Temenos digital banking platform enables a comprehensive 360-degree customer view, helping Sacombank to acquire, service, retain, and cross-sell to customers on multiple channels and devices.

“What initially attracted us to Temenos digital banking solution was the flexibility and adaptability of the platform. The system gives us pre-composable services—built on microservices and accessible via APIs—as well as localized capabilities incorporating best practices, which are exactly what we need to build and launch stronger digital experiences for the Vietnamese market.”

Thach Nguyen Ngoc, Director of Application Operations Center, Sacombank

Trusting in Temenos

Sacombank worked closely with Temenos to deploy Temenos digital banking. The platform’s open architecture supports integration with Sacombank’s existing systems, including its Temenos core banking system, and external third-party applications. By running Temenos end-to-end platform, Sacombank benefits from complete front-to-back banking capabilities.

Thach Nguyen Ngoc recalls: “Temenos helped us to get everything up and running very quickly; the experience of their implementation team really shone through. We have used Temenos core banking since 2004, and strongly believe that Temenos has the best reputation, capability, and technology on the market.”

Bringing better services to market faster

With Temenos digital platform, Sacombank can create frictionless, personalized customer experiences across all delivery channels—from web to mobile to branch—much more easily than before. The platform’s extensive repository of ready-to-go features means that Sacombank’s developers have everything they need to build new digital banking services at their fingertips.

Crucially, Temenos digital platform is helping Sacombank to ensure that the user experience is always easy, secure, and consistent—no matter how customers engage with its services. “With Temenos digital banking, we are better positioned to deliver the seamless omnichannel experience that younger generations expect,” says Thach Nguyen Ngoc.

“Temenos digital platform has significantly reduced the time and effort required to build and launch new digital banking products. This enables us to go market faster and roll out new features regularly, so we can respond rapidly to emerging customer needs and stay competitive.”

Thach Nguyen Ngoc, Director of Application Operations Center, Sacombank

Continuing to innovate

Looking ahead, Sacombank plans to introduce fully digital customer onboarding and origination, eliminating the need for customers to visit a branch when they sign up for the bank’s services. Sacombank also plans to further enhance the experience for existing customers through its digital channels. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate, and make life simpler for our customers,” says Thach Nguyen Ngoc.

In addition, using Temenos digital platform will help Sacombank connect with e-commerce providers, social networks, and other online services to enhance its value proposition to customers—which will be vital as Vietnam continues to digitize its economy and moves towards a cashless payment ecosystem.

“It’s an exciting time for digital innovation in banking in Vietnam, and we are glad to have Temenos on side as a key strategic partner. Working together, we will streamline our digital experiences and offer something new to the market, helping us continue to win new business among the crucial under-35s market segment, and strengthening our status as a leading innovator and top-five bank in Vietnam.”

Thach Nguyen Ngoc, Director of Application Operations Center, Sacombank