To ensure future growth, Chile-based LarrainVial Asset Management sought to simplify and update its legacy systems to remove barriers to innovation and increase responsiveness to fast-changing client requirements. To transform its core banking environment, the financial services provider deployed Temenos Transact—a centralised platform built on an advanced modern architecture. With the Temenos solution in place, LarrainVial can deliver a more engaging experience to 50,000 clients across Chile, Colombia, Peru and the USA, as well as bringing new products to market faster than ever and increasing overall operating efficiency.

“With the replacement of our legacy technology and the implementation of the Core Banking platform, LarrainVial will be able to scale as we continue to grow and we will be able to quickly take innovative solutions and financial services products to market. With Temenos’ global expertise, we will be able to leverage technology that is continuously enhanced with the best practices and advancements from around the world, while providing an opimized experience to our clients with a multi-product, multi-currency real-time offering on a single platform.”

Juan Luis Correa, CEO

LarrainVial replaces legacy system with Temenos’ core banking solution

Temenos powering operations in 35 countries across Latin America