FCM Bank, one of Malta’s leading providers of savings and fixed-term products, replaces its legacy core banking system with a modern digital platform to support its growth strategy. DXC and Temenos’ enterprise banking experts worked together to lead the digital transformation of critical IT architecture for FCM Bank. By moving to the new open and agile platform of Temenos, FCM Bank will benefit from improved protection from cyber security threats, faster time to market for new products and services, and an overall improvement in efficiency. Temenos Platform also provides functionality for transaction processing, payments, financial crime mitigation, and data analytics.

FCM Bank went live with the new system in June 2022, with DXC supporting the migration of FCM Bank’s apps, offerings, and customers from the legacy systems to the new Temenos platform. FCM Bank’s new core banking solution was built to anticipate the current and future expansion plans of the bank and its parent company SAB Financial Group.

“A successful bank needs to be fast and flexible in addressing the needs of its clients. FCM Bank collaborated with DXC Technology to deliver and implement the Temenos banking platform, which the bank considers to be the best in the industry. We are also launching a new internet banking system that is up-to-date, intuitive and easy to use.”

Marcel Homolka, CEO at FCM Bank Limited

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